The British Rowing Championships is experiencing an exciting period in its history. We now have two events: the Junior Championships in July and the Senior Championships in October. By splitting the age groups we are now able to offer two dedicated events that are best suited to the competitors, coaches, clubs and spectators. These changes have been made for many reasons. Primarily it is to be as inclusive as possible and ensure that the best athletes in our country have the opportunity to compete at national level. October is the only time international competitors are able to attend the Senior Championships under their home club colours, outside the normal international training and competition schedule.

We have a number of new initiatives to make winning a British Championships medal something very special. We are using a new race format that delivers close, high quality racing with no crew eliminated after just a time trial. Off water we have a new website, a new race IT system and are developing processes that quickly publish accurate results. However, these two events do not stand alone. They are just part of a sport-wide initiative to promote the pathway to the international team, develop club rowing and enhance the racing calendar. Some changes may seem very different but they stem from a great deal of research within the sport, both in the UK and across the globe.