Welcome to the website of the British Rowing Championships presented by Visit Sarasota County.

When the decision was made in 2012 to change the format of the British Rowing Championships it was a step into the unknown. Six years on and splitting the events to hold the Junior Championships in July and Senior Championships in October has proved a great success.

Dividing the age groups has meant British Rowing now has two dedicated events, tailored to meet the needs of the competitors, coaches, clubs and spectators alike. There were many reasons behind this major change to the rowing calendar but primarily it was to be as inclusive as possible and to allow top athletes to compete at national level.

October is the only time the GB team are free from international training and competition commitments and able to compete under their home club colours. Rowers across Britain now have the opportunity to pit themselves against the best rowers in the UK at the Senior Championships.

With these new initiatives we have achieved our aim to make winning a British Championships medal very special. The racing format now delivers close, high quality racing with no crew eliminated after the time trial. Off water there is a new race IT system, with processes that quickly publish accurate results, and a dedicated website.

These two events form part of the sport-wide initiative to promote the pathway to the international team, develop club rowing and enhance the racing calendar. 

The 2018 British Rowing Championships is presented by: