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Official Announcement #3

Following the cancellation of the 2017 British Rowing Senior Championships, British Rowing is now able to confirm that a refund of 64% of the entry fee paid will be made to all competitors.

We apologise that you have had to wait so long but we have been waiting for suppliers to confirm costs.

As you will be aware, the Notice of Regatta for the Senior Championships states that no refunds will be made in the event of a cancellation, but, due to the exceptional circumstances under which the event was cancelled, three days before, we have worked hard with the suppliers to minimise our costs in order to secure the best possible refund for competitors.

British Rowing will not financially benefit as a result of the cancellation of the Senior Championships.

Refunds will be issued back onto the payment card of the individual who paid the entry fee from Tuesday, 11 December.  It may take 5-7 business days for it to display on your statement, although the length of time will depend on your card issuer’s policies.

Issued at 10:00 on Thursday, 07 December 2017


Official Announcement #2

The Organising Committee of the British Rowing Senior Championships has been monitoring the weather forecast in the Nottingham area closely and, regrettably, it has decided to cancel the Senior Championships in the best interests of fairness and safety of all competitors, spectators and exhibitors.  The Race Management Group looked at all options available and it was unanimously agreed that this is the only course of action given the current weather forecast.

British Rowing and the British Rowing Senior Championships Organising Committee are fully committed to delivering the best possible Championships experience and we do not believe this is possible given the current forecast. The expected strong winds will mean that the course at the National Water Sports Centre will be unfair and unsafe to compete on. We are also very concerned about the increased risk of towing trailers in the forecast conditions.

Jim Harlow, Chairman of the British Rowing Senior Championships Organising Committee, said: “Our main priority is the safety and welfare of all participants. It has been a difficult decision to make, and one that has not been taken lightly without consideration of all the possible alternatives to allow for the Championships to go ahead. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the weather forecast has not improved and, therefore, we have no choice but to make this decision.”

The Notice of Regatta states that refunds will not be made if it should become necessary, for any reason, to abandon the Regatta or any event. However, on this occasion as the Senior Championships has been cancelled in advance, British Rowing will be refunding entry fees to the value of at least 35%. British Rowing will confirm the exact refund in due course. Refunds will be made via BROE2 to the original payment cards.

Issued at 18:00 on Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Official Announcement #1

The Organising Committee is aware of the currently forecasted weather conditions for this weekend’s Senior Championships.  At this stage, it is too early to make any firm decisions but forecasts are being monitored continually.  The Committee will meet again later this week to discuss the forecast and its possible impact on the event.  A further announcement will be made at 18:00 on Wednesday, 18 October. 

Issued at 20:20 on Tuesday, 17 October 2017.